Essential Tips to Keep Your Leather Jackets Looking New for Longer

Knowing how to store your clothes properly is a useful skill. You’ll find some simple and effective tips to preserve your expensive leather jacket.


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How to Keep your Leather Jacket Last Longer | Get Set Clean
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Leather jackets are expensive but a great addition to your wardrobe. If paired correctly, leather jackets can make you an instant fashion hit. Read and follow these tips to increase the life of your leather jacket.

1) Use Wide Hangers

Leather needs to breathe. Folding the jacket can cause creases that can’t be easily removed. So, always hang your leather jackets in the wardrobe using wide, wooden hangers. Ensure that the shoulders are properly supported and not drooping.

2) Use Newspaper Balls

Stuff the insides of your leather jacket with newspaper balls. This will absorb excess moisture and prevent the growth of fungi and mildew. You can also clip some newspaper sheets on the jacket to shield it from moisture in the air. 

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3) Use Containers

Leather can be stored in fabric bags or wooden trunks or suitcases. However, storing them in a plastic box is a big no-no. Leather needs to breathe and plastic containers do not allow that. Also, if you have more than one leather clothing, do not store them together on top of each other. Separate them with layers of newspaper to ensure increased durability.

4) Use a Conditioner

To maintain the shine and smooth finish of your leather jacket, use a good quality leather conditioner. Put a thin layer of the conditioner on a soft cloth and gently apply it on your jacket and let it dry naturally. This will help you retain its lustrous appearance for longer. 

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5) Control Temperature

Leather does not do well in places with fluctuating temperatures or humidity. Store it in such a place that its exposure to atmospheric moisture or direct sunlight is minimal.

6) Air Your Jacket

Your leather jackets also need to breathe. So, take them out of storage every once in a while, and allow your jacket to be exposed to air for 5-10 minutes. This will help to air them out.

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