Tips to quick fix your pants faulty zipper

Zippers have been around for many years and so have the problems associated with them. They tend to break or get stuck leaving you in a pool of frustration.


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How to Fix your Faulty Pants & Jacket Zippers | Get Set Clean
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Everyone has at some point in time felt helpless when the zipper of your jeans or jacket gets stuck. Here are quick hacks to fix a faulty zipper.

Make sure nothing gets stuck with the zip line while zipping.

1) When it opens too many times

There’s a locking mechanism on the zipper; all you have to do is put the tiny zip thing down. If that fails, then put a keychain ring on the zip slider and hang it to the pant button.

2) When teeth are separated

With the help of a plier, you need to tighten the slider to close down the gaps. Test the slider, and in case further tightening is required then do it.

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3) When teeth get stuck

This is a quite common occurrence. A hair, thread, or a fabric could get stuck in the zipper. If this happens, you first need to remove it from the zip line and slowly travel the zip to open the line.

4) When it is not shutting

The most common solution is to rub a wax candle on the line for a couple of times. You may have to struggle a bit but it should be fixed with a couple of runs.

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