Did your little one get into an ink-war at school? Check out these simple tips to get ink marks off your child’s school uniform

A stained school uniform is every mother’s nightmare. Getting rid of stains is tough but not impossible.


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Ink stains on your child’s uniform
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You don’t need to worry about ink stains on your child’s uniform anymore, use these simple, trusted tips to clean it.

This chemical can also help get rid of ink stains on the drum of your clothes dryer.

1) Milk

How to use milk to remove ink stains

An overnight milk bath will work wonders. Just soak the stained garment in milk overnight and launder as usual the next day.

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2) Salt

How to use salt to remove ink stains

Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of salt on ink stains that are still fresh, gently dab with a wet paper towel, and then brush off the salt with a scrubber. Rinse the garment and repeat till the stains vanish.

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3) Hairspray

Squirt some hairspray to remove ink stains

Squirt some hairspray on the stains, rub with a damp paper towel, rinse thoroughly and the ink stains should come right off.

4) Nail polish remover

Use of Nail polish remover on ink stains

Apply some of it to a cotton ball and wipe the affected area with it. Once the ink stains are gone, launder as usual.

5) Toothpaste

Non-gel toothpaste to remove ink stain

Dab a non-gel toothpaste on the stained area, rub it with an old brush, rinse the garment and let it air dry for a while. Repeat the process if the stains are still visible.

Frequently asked questions on ink stains

How do you get ink out of a shirt at home?

You could first use an old towel and place the ink-stained garment on top. Then directly treat it with a drop of alcohol-based sanitiser or hair spray and let it sit for a few mins before blotting and finally rinse with cold water. Always remember, the more the let it stay, the lighter your fabric can get.

How to remove ballpoint pen ink from clothes?

Similar to the above treatments you could leverage a hairspray or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to saturate the stain, making it easier to remove at the time of machine wash. While these hacks can help tackle most ink stains, they can also lighten your coloured fabrics. Hence always protect your fabrics with the right laundry routine or products targeted for specific concerns.

How do you get ink out of clothes after drying?

While there are many ways to remove ink stains, right from vinegar to glycerin, it’s important to pre-treat the stain with a stain remover. Then gently hand wash the clothing item in lukewarm water with an effective laundry detergent. Surf Excel has a range of products that is designed for tough stain removal in the machine wash itself whilst retaining the original color of the fabric.

Quick hacks to removing ink stains?

Some of the easiest hacks to remove ink stains is by Soaking a cotton ball or a thin cloth in vinegar or nail polish remover or hairspray or alcohol-based hand sanitizer and gently dabbing the stained area until the stain completely fades away. Post which one can rinse the spot with cold water.

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