Did your favourite pair of leather shoes suffer some tear? Check out how this simple home fix

Hold on, you are not really throwing away that fine pair of shoes. Those few scratches and small tears can be fixed. Really!


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How to Repair your Leather Shoes | Get Set Clean
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Don’t throw away those shoes away, they are not beyond redemption yet. We’ve got a simple home fix for you.

Use an ice cube to evenly spread the glue.

Step 1:

Make sure that the shoe is cleaned and fully dry.

Step 2:

Seal the hole or torn area from the inside with a strong and broad cello tape or a similar adhesive before applying the shoe glue to the torn patch.

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Step 3:

Seal the hole with a strong adhesive like Bond or Loctite. Spread the adhesive equally as it is the hardest part to deal with.

Step 4:

Once the glue is fully dry, remove the piece of tape from inside the shoe. Any excess material that needs to be removed can be cut off or removed using a paint thinner.

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Step 5:

Nicely smoothen the new glue patch with a water sandpaper. For the final move, polish the shoes properly with leather cream. Stuff it with some newspaper balls and keep it overnight.

This way you can effectively fix and repair your shoe by yourself.

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