Steps to get rid of stains from leather jacket

Some people say it’s a sign of good luck when a bird poops on you. But to be honest, nobody feels like that when it happens to them while they are wearing their favourite leather jacket.


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How to Remove Stains from Leather Jacket | Get Set Clean
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Crow droppings are not just disgusting but are also capable of leaving stains on your leather apparels. Here’s how you can clean your jacket before things go south.

You can also use Vim dishwash gel. Make a foamy solution to clear away the droppings.

Step 1:

Let it dry. Clean the poo off the jacket using a toothbrush. Clean the poo with a toothbrush carefully off the leather jacket.

Step 2:

Take a sponge and pour a few drops of leather cleaner or rubbing alcohol, and wipe the remnants easily. Clean it again with a wet wipe.

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Step 3:

Allow the area to dry completely.

Now your leather jacket should be as good as new.

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