Tips to Keep Your Clothes Germ-Free and Squeaky Clean!

Besides the air around us, we can also expect to find germs on all kinds of surfaces including our clothes. Read how you can keep them germ-free and clean.


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Keep clothes germ-free
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We tend to assume that washing clothes in the washing machine (or by hand) while using a regular detergent is enough to get them clean and free from dirt, bacteria and germs. But the reality might be quite different. Sometimes, when we put our sweaty and dirty clothes into the washer, they may come out looking clean, but continue to carry all kinds of germs and bacteria, perhaps due to leftover dirt or sweat. In addition to this, the clothes might also emanate a damp/moist smell after the wash, which is rather unpleasant. Therefore, there are some additional steps that we need to follow in order to successfully get rid of the dirt, bacteria, germs and smell on our clothes. Here, we have suggested some useful tips to help you sanitize your linens, towels and clothes, so as to make them absolutely germ-free and smell fresh and clean after every wash!

1. Wash Clothes in Hot Water, But Do Check the Label!

Believe it or not, this trick has worked wonders for us. As simple as it may sound but washing clothes in relatively hot water i.e. at a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees, is a good practice to follow. Why? Because it prevents your clothes from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. We’ve also noticed that our clothes tend to come out cleaner when washed in hot water. We understand that it is common to worry about clothes shrinking in hot water, so we always check the wash care label to see the highest temperature at which a garment can be washed. Also, these days most washing machines have built-in heaters, which are equipped for providing customized clothing care. They come with different modes like hot, warm, allergen-free and so on.

2. Use the Right Fabric Conditioner

After washing our clothes with just detergent over a period of time, we have realized that it isn’t enough to care for clothes. This is why we opted for Comfort After Wash Anti Bacterial Fabric Conditioner - it has anti-germ boosters and fragrance pearls, which keep your clothes germ-free and have them smelling absolutely fresh, something that no detergent alone can deliver. Upon reading the packaging, we also found that it is made of five powerful natural extracts - Clove Extract, Cinnamon Oil, Patchouli Oil, Citronella Oil and Guaiacwood Extract, and is effective in killing 99% germs from your clothes!

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After using this special fabric conditioner, we noticed visibly soft and smooth clothes. While washing your clothes with detergent, just put half a cap of the conditioner in a bucket full of water and soak your clothes for five minutes. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use!

3. Dry Your Clothing the Right Way to Remove Dampness

We’ve learnt that dryers in washing machines are designed for removing dampness from clothes as wet clothes could lead to the breeding of germs. Hence, running a dry clothing cycle in the machine is critical for efficient cleaning results. You’ll notice that the latest machines come equipped with several drying options in order to cater to different types of fabrics. Alternatively, you could also air dry your clothes in sunlight, a traditional method used to rid clothes of germs and bacteria after washing. In case the wash care label mentions the probability of shrinkage, then sunlight drying is a better option.

4. Steam Your Clothes for Removing Allergens & Bacteria

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In our experience, cleaning your clothes using steam is also helpful in the removal of bacteria and germs. It works as a reliable sanitizer, providing a gentle finish to your clothing. Steaming is considered to be among the best techniques to get rid of allergens and bacteria, ensuring fresh and clean clothes at all times.

5. Don’t Forget to Clean the Washer to Get Rid of Dirt & Germs

Did you know that dirt, bacteria and germs may get accumulated in your washing machine, which lead to bad odour? Well, we’ve learnt that it’s true. For those who have the latest versions of washing machines may not need to worry so much though. This is because these machines are pre-programmed for automatically cleaning off the leftover impurities on the tub’s inner walls. This happens during each wash cycle. But like us, if you don’t have a pre-programmed washing machine, then you might need to run the washing machine using a machine cleaner for removing contaminants that are left behind after a couple of washes.

Use these simple tips to keep your clothes free from bacteria, germs and dirt and to keep them looking new and smelling fresh!

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