Here Are a Few Things to Avoid When Caring For Your Shoes!

Save the sole! Here are a few common mistakes you must avoid while cleaning your favourite shoes.


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Things to Avoid When Caring for Your Shoes | Get Set Clean
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You want to wear nice, clean shoes every time you step out of your house. And there are many cleaning tips and suggestions available to help you do this. However, while you follow the dos, there are a few don’ts you need to keep in mind as well. You do not want to ruin your favourite pair of shoes, and you certainly do not want to give them up. So, avoid these common mistakes when taking care of your shoes.

Always check the care label on your shoes before you care for them.

1) Avoid Cleaning in the Washer

When your shoes become grimy and stained, you may be tempted to drop them in the washer. But not all kinds of shoes can be washed in a washing machine. Your favourite leather or suede shoes should never go in the washer, while it’s okay to clean your sneakers and tennis shoes in it. To prevent any kind of damage to your shoes, we suggest hand-washing them.

If you must wash your shoes in the washing machine, make sure you put them in a mesh bag and add a 5-6 towels in the washer to balance the load. This will also prevent your shoes from banging around during the wash cycles.

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2) Avoid Cleaning Without Removing Laces

Each part of your shoe should be taken care of individually. This includes the sole, laces, insole etc. Remove the parts that can be taken apart and clean each one separately.

3) Avoid Excess Heat When Drying

Air-drying should be your method of choice. Put your canvas shoes or sneakers out to dry naturally. It’s best to avoid the clothes dryer as it can damage the shoe’s construction. Also avoid blow-drying your shoes or placing them near space heaters, as excess heat can cause damage. Remember, always ensure your shoes are completely dry before wearing them. Wearing wet shoes can cause them to stink.

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