Want to Add a Pleasant Smell to Your Clothes in the Cupboard? Try These Tips

Once you wash your clothes, you want them to not only be clean but also smell fresh. We bring you some tips to add a pleasing fragrance to your clothes.


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It’s good to know how to keep your clothes smelling fresh in storage. But you must ensure that your clothes are completely dry before you put them in storage. These simple tips will help you add a pleasant smell to your clothes after you’ve put them in your cupboard.

1) Keeping Clothes Smelling Fresh after Washing

It’s important to look at how to keep your clothes smelling fresh after washing. After all, if your clothes go into storage smelling nice, it’ll be much easier to keep them that way. The first thing to remember is to use a detergent. If you prefer to wash your clothes in a washing machine, you can use Surf Excel Matic Liquid, which is specially formulated for washing machines and is easily available in the market.

You can also use a fabric conditioner to add fragrance to your clothes after wash. You can use a fabric conditioner such as Comfort Perfume Deluxe. It is easily available in the market. It keeps the fibres intact, thus making the fabric soft and smooth. It also adds a superior French perfume to the fabric.

Next, do not leave your washed laundry lying in the machine; hang it out to dry immediately. The best way to dry clothes is in an open space. Make sure your clothes are completely dry before storing them.

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2) Keeping Clothes Smelling Fresh in Drawers

Place drawer liners in your drawer before adding your clothes. A simple bar of fragrant soap placed in the back of your drawer can be enough to keep your clothes smelling pleasant. Do not remove the soap cover though! Finally, place a dryer sheet between each folded piece of clothing and they’ll retain their freshness while in storage. This is an excellent method if you’re wondering how to keep clothes smelling fresh in suitcase compartments.

3) Keeping Clothes Smelling Fresh in Wardrobe Storage

Hanging your clothes prevents them from developing a musty smell. Give your clothes room to breathe; try not to hang everything too close together. Next, fill a mesh bag with scented items like sprigs of lavender, dried rose petals or mint, and place them on a hanger or in a corner.

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4) Essential Oils

Using essential oils is a great way of scenting your garments. Take 1 or a mix of essential oils of your choice and add a total of 15-18 drops into the final rinse cycle. Or you can add it in your dryer also. It will add a mild fragrance to your garments.

5) Perfumed Tissue Papers

Spraying a perfume directly on your clothes sometimes can be overpowering. You can spray your perfume or add a few drops of essential oils on a tissue paper or a cotton swab and allow it to dry. Meanwhile, place your garment on a flat surface and rub the scented tissue paper all over your garment. It will add a mild fragrance to your clothes.

6) Vinegar

Did you know that vinegar can add a mild fragrance to your clothes too? To boost the results, use a combination of vinegar and essential oils. Simply add ½ cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle. Then add 5-6 drops of essential oils to it and done! Your clothes will come out of wash smelling nice.

7) Scented Wooden Hanger

Scented wooden hangers not only add a nice fragrance to your garments, but also keep moths away. Take ½ a bucket of lukewarm water, add 10-12 drops of cedarwood essential oil. Drop your wooden hangers in it and leave them for 30-40 minutes. Take them out and allow them to dry. Then use them as usual.

Keeping your clothes smelling nice while packed away is as easy as that! Now that you’ve got our top tips, you know how to keep clothes clean and smelling fresh.

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