Want to Protect Your Curtains from Direct Sunlight? Here’s How!

Did you know even your curtains need protection from direct sunlight? Yes! These simple methods will help you do so, effortlessly.


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How to Protect Your Curtains from Direct Sunlight | Get Set Clean
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Curtains form an integral part of your living space. When chosen carefully, they can enhance the look of your home to a great extent. However, with constant exposure to sunlight, their vibrancy starts getting dimmed and probably, the fabric might shrink too.

Keep calm, there’s no need to worry. The good news is that, we’ve got you covered. Try this easy method to protect your curtains against the sun damage.

Send your curtains for dry cleaning once in 6 months to keep them in proper condition.

Step 1:

Carefully remove the curtains. Make sure there isn’t any hardware attached to it. Now lay it on a flat surface.

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Step 2:

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any loose dust and dirt.

Step 3:

If the manufacturer’s label recommends machine wash, drop your curtains into your washing machine and run the load on a gentle, cold cycle. Run the cycle by adding 3 tbsp. of your preferred detergent to the drum directly. If the label says hand wash, add 2 tbsp. of detergent to 1 bucket of water and gently hand wash it. Always wash one panel at a time.

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Step 4:

Air dry your curtains.

To keep your curtains in proper condition, run them through the dryer once a month. It will help remove dirt and dust. Use the "no heat" setting and dry them for 10 minutes.

Preventing the curtains from fading isn’t difficult. You can easily increase its life span by following the above washing and maintenance techniques.

Set the tone of your house with bright and dust-free curtains.

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