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Is Your Toilet Always Smelling Bad? You Might Be Ignoring These Important Things!

Wondering what is the cause of your toilet always smelling bad and emanating a pungent odour? Read on to get enlightened and learn tips to fix it!


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Is your toilet smelling bad? Follow these tips
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Reading time: 5 minutes

What could be worse than entering a beautiful looking bathroom and facing a horrid smell inside? Pretty embarrassing for homeowners when they’re entertaining guests, right? Well, if you’re a victim of bad odour in your toilet too, then you must understand the root causes behind the different kinds of smells that a bathroom can produce from time to time. Because of the bad smell, there is an added concern regarding germs harbouring in your bathroom and toilet, especially during the pandemic. So, we also want to kill any germs that might be a possible cause of various kinds of diseases. This is especially true for homes that have babies/kids and elderly people. Well, here are some tips that will help you identify the key causes behind that bad smell in your toilet and also hacks on how to fix it.

1. Clogged Trap

Sometimes, a partially clogged trap/drainage, i.e. the part of the toilet bowl that serves like a drain and is curved in structure, is what is responsible for bad odour in the toilet. What this means is that your toilet drain is taking a longer time for draining and refilling, which is ultimately causing a drop in the water levels. When your tank is taking a longer time to refill or is underfilled, then this might lead to the emission of unpleasant sewer gases. And, it is slightly confusing, because although you’re flushing, there is still a horrible smell in your toilet. You may try to resolve this by using a plunger. However, we recommend calling a plumber to ensure that this is properly treated.

2. Cleaning with the Wrong Product

Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner

The most obvious and common cause of your toilet smelling bad is irregular cleaning and that too, with the wrong product. Did you know that your toilet bowl and seat could contain an alarmingly high amount of yeast, germs and mould? While cleaning or wiping down the toilet frequently with a regular cleaning product may seem enough, you actually need a proper toilet cleaner. We tried Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner, which in our view, is excellent for thorough toilet cleaning. We love that it removes all malodour, leaving the toilet smelling fresh! Upon reading the label, we found that it has acid, which is a strong ingredient for killing toilet germs and bacteria. After using it for our toilet bowl, we found that it effectively gets rid of all stains and the accompanying smell that we absolutely despise. What we also noticed is that Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner keeps your toilet bowl clean for almost up to three days. After use, we were extremely pleased with the fact that it also takes care of yellowness and limescale besides bad odour.

3. Poor Ventilation

It goes without saying that a toilet needs good ventilation. If you can get fresh air to move around in your toilet, it could make a huge difference to the smell inside. There are two key factors involved in maintaining ventilation in your bathroom. First, you absolutely need to have a well-functioning vent fan, and second, you need to keep the door of the toilet open when it is not being used. Both these factors can greatly help in removing bad smell as well as humidity that accompanies bathing and could leave behind a musty odour.

4. Less Frequent Use of The Toilet

If your toilet, for instance the guest washroom, is not being flushed on a regular basis, then the toilet bowl water will likely evaporate. What does this mean? It will basically result in smelly gases escaping from your plumbing pipes. A simple solution to this problem is flushing your toilet regularly so as to refill the toilet bowl.

Now that you know the various causes behind the bad odour in your toilet, it’s time to get to work and fix it using the above tips!

Top Tip: Make sure you clean your toilet every 3 days to maintain proper hygiene and a nice, pleasant fragrance.

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