How to get a clean, fresh and odour-free bathroom

It is a matter of pride to pass the bathroom test conducted by your guests. Room fresheners are not always efficient and the exhaust fan isn’t strong enough. What if, you could reach for everyday items in your kitchen, and whip out some quick home remedies that will have a lasting effect in your bathroom?


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Keep your bathroom clean and odour- free
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Reading time: 2 minutes

1) Cleanliness

Scrubbing the corners of your bathroom walls and the brim of the commode could be tiring and you might end up tarnishing the porcelain. Instead, make a solution of baking soda, lukewarm water, and fabric softener, and spray it over the stains in your bathroom to get rid of them.

2) Neatness

Compartmentalize your toiletries on a shelf and not on the sink to avoid water from accumulating. Always keep your dry towels nicely folded. Make sure the bathroom floor is dried after you use it.

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3) Fragrance

Put a few tea bags in a bowl of water and sprinkle this solution on the tiles and mirror in your bathroom. Choose your scent from the market or opt for home remedies, such as keeping a few coffee beans, cinnamon stick or star anise.

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