Boost the positivity in your home with these simple changes!

A house filled with negativity can cause hypertension, stress and many other issues that adversely impact your life. But you can definitely bring in some change, a positive change at that.


Ways to Increase Positive Energy in your Home | Get Set Clean

Here are 5 ways to direct some freshness into your space and keep the positive vibes flowing throughout your home:

Place plants near windows, inside the washroom, near the living area and places you are going to spend most of your time.

1) Let the fresh air in

Keep all the windows and doors open while you are inside the house. Free-flowing sunlight and air are eliminators of negative energy.

2) Walk barefoot inside the house.

It helps all your negativity to be absorbed by the Earth. Grounding, a practice in spirituality, is important to maintain the energy balance in our body.

3) Keep plants

You can keep a bunch of plants inside your house such as Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Rosemary, Holy Basil and so on.

4) Ensure regular cleaning

Where there are dirt and dust, there’s stagnation. This is the source of energy flows getting blocked. Like acupuncture eliminates stagnation within your body, cleaning does it from your home.

5) Add colour

Yellow adds radiance, green spurs growth and flexibility, red welcomes love, and orange brings warmth and cheer. You can start painting your walls with your favourite colours too.

A positive mind can bring positive changes!

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