The Ultimate Guide for a Squeaky-Clean Kitchen

Your kitchen is constantly subjected to high heat, grease and food spills. As a result, it can get messy. A thorough cleaning is required to maintain hygiene. Here’s an easy guide to cleaning your kitchen and keeping it looking fresh!


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Guide on Deep-cleaning your kitchen
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Deep-cleaning your kitchen may seem like a tiresome chore at first. Relax! We’ve broken up the task into a few manageable steps to make it as easy as possible. A good playlist could also make the task fun and keep the process from feeling like a chore.

1) Remove the Dust

Take a cleaning brush and brush down all kitchen surfaces and cabinets to remove any loose dust.

2) Dirt and Grease Spots

Spray the surfaces with a kitchen cleaner. Ensure you cover all dirty and greasy spots. Next, take a microfibre cloth and wipe the area clean. Remember to always follow the instructions on the label of the kitchen cleaner.

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3) Wash the Surfaces

Add 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid to a cup of warm water. Then take a clean rag, dip it in this solution, squeeze out the excess water and wipe the kitchen surfaces and cabinets. Gradually working your way from the top to the bottom will help prevent drip marks.

4) Special Attention to the Corners

The corners of your kitchen surfaces are a bit tricky to reach and often ignored. Even the corners of your walls are overlooked. So, give these areas some special attention. Take an old, toothbrush to clean those hard-to-reach spots and remove all the dirt trapped in those corners.

5) Make Space for New Supplies

Remove unused and expired items from the cabinets and fridge to make space for new things. Remember to wipe these storage areas clean, so your new products have a dirt-free space.

6) Keep It Dry

Use a clean cloth to dry your kitchen surfaces after wiping with a wet cloth. That’ll keep watermarks from staying behind. Use a clean cloth to dry up water splashes around the sink and on chrome appliances to keep them shiny.

7) Sweep the Floor

After cleaning your entire kitchen area thoroughly, don’t forget to sweep the floor. That’ll give your kitchen space the final touch it needs, and make it look even sparklier.

Cooking is a joy when your kitchen is neat and clean. These handy tips will allow you to stay on top of your kitchen cleaning routine.

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