Try These Tips to Clean Yellow Stains on Your Dinnerware

Hand-washing your dishes can become laborious if you don’t use the right technique. These cleaning tips to clean different types of dinnerware.


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The shine of your crockery makes the food look more appealing. Wash them properly to preserve their bright, shiny look. The key is to soak your dishes to loosen tough stains and use an effective dishwashing liquid. You could try Vim Dishwash Gel, which is easily available in the market.

Here are some cleaning tips you can use to clean various kinds of dinnerware.

1) Prepare Your Dishes

Throw away all leftover food from your dishes. Ensure that the serving bowls are empty before you put them in the kitchen sink. Wear your dishwashing gloves and add 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid to a bowl of warm water. Dampen a sponge with this cleaning solution and use it to scrub your dishes.

2) Wash Small Items First

Wash delicate items like your wine glasses first and keep them aside. Then move on to forks, spoons, bowls and plates. Keep the cooking pans and pressure cooker for last.

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3) Rinse the Dishes

Wash off the soapy water from your dishes as soon as you can to avoid streak marks or a film of soap on them.

4) Soak Dishes to Remove Stains

If you notice that your pans have burn stains with food stuck on them, soak the pans in hot water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. To remove turmeric stains, make a cleaning solution of 2 cups of hot water and 1 cup of vinegar and leave it in your dinnerware overnight.

5) Wash Delicate Items Separately

Protect your chinaware and fine ceramic dishes. Wash them separately to avoid breakage and cracks.

6) Air-Dry Your Vessels

As far as possible, you must allow the dishes to dry on their own after placing them on a dish rack. However, if you need to dry your dishes, ensure that you use a clean towel. Do not use this towel for any other purpose. 

Hand-washing your dishes can be a lot less tiring if you employ the right cleaning method. Use these simple tips to remove yellow marks and other stubborn stains with ease.

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