Found Paint Stains on Your Gas Stove? Try These 3 Cleaning Steps

Most kitchen stove cleaning tips do not include removing paint stains from the stove surface. So here it is; follow the steps and bid them goodbye effortlessly.


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How to Remove Paint Stains from your Gas Stove | Get Set Clean
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Once you’ve finished painting your walls, you’ll begin to notice paint splatters all over your home appliances, furniture and tiles. It happens even when you get professionals to paint your home. It would help if you treated the paint stains on visible areas like the gas stove as soon as you can. After all, a gas stove is the heart of your kitchen. So, why let some paint stains ruin the beauty of your stove?

Follow the steps given here for easy and efficient cleaning. 

Step 1: Treat with Olive Oil

Thoroughly cover the paint stain with olive oil and leave it for 15 minutes. Instead of olive oil, you can also use vegetable oil. Ensure that the paint stain is completely coated in oil. It acts as a lubricant and helps loosen the paint’s grip on your stove. You may have to leave the oil for longer if the stain is stubborn. 

Step 2: Scrape Off the Paint

Scrape off the paint deposits from your gas stove using a butter knife or the blunt edge of your kitchen knife. Do not scrape too vigorously as it can erode the surface of your gas stove. The paint remains should slide off the stove’s surface smoothly. In case of the contrary, repeat step 1. 

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Step 3: Wash

Clean up the oily mess on your gas stove using a sponge and a liquid dishwash like Vim, which is easily available in the market. Make sure not to use a steel-wool scrubber as it can leave behind ugly scratch marks on your gas stove. Wipe off the soapy solution with a damp cotton cloth. Your stove will look as sparkling as the day you bought it. 

You are now officially ready to flaunt your newly renovated kitchen!

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