Tips To Remove The Lingering Smell of Eggs & Meat From Your Utensils

Cooking is an art form, but the aftereffects are sometimes less than pleasant. We’ve all been annoyed by the smell of eggs or meat in our utensils at some point or the other. But, here’s how you can make the lingering odour go away!


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Remove lingering smell of eggs & meat from utensils
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We all love eating a nicely prepared fried egg, a plate of butter chicken or a dish of mutton biryani. What’s less than pleasant though is the strong and lingering smell of these meat and egg dishes in our cooking utensils and serve ware. These smells may at times dally on even after the utensil has been washed, which is a major turn-off.

The unpleasant smell along with the accompanying grease is rather difficult to deal with. Many of us use dishwash bars with undesired high chemical content to clean the utensils, in the hope of chasing the odour away. Some detergents even have repulsive smells that continue to linger on after washing. Additionally, we have noticed that a lot of extra soap/detergent and water is wasted when we’re trying to remove smells from our utensils. We have also used home remedies like lemongrass and potato scrubs to work them off, but none of these options have worked effectively for us, especially when dealing with utensils in which we have cooked meat or eggs. Besides being unsuccessful in getting rid of foul odour, ordinary bars tend to leave a feeling of dryness and itchiness on our hands and white sediment on utensils, both of which are undesirable.

If you’re stuck in this conundrum as well, don’t worry - we give you tried and tested ways to get sparkling clean utensils. These solutions will definitely make you want to indulge in your love for cooking without any hesitation!

1. Remove Leftover Food Particles from Your Dishes

As a good hygiene practice, we’ve found that removing leftovers and remnants of food from your dishes helps in preventing further spread of the odour. Meat bones, egg shells etc. may transfer between dishes and spread the odour to other utensils as well. So, ensure they go into the trash right away!

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2. Separate the Utensils

There will always be some utensils that have been used to cook and serve food that leave behind more unpleasant odour than the others, e.g. a cooker used to make meat curry or a pan used to make fried eggs. In our experience, separating them from the other utensils before washing is always a good idea to avoid the spreading of that lingering smell to them.

3. Rinse the Utensils with Warm Water

In our opinion, a quick first rinse of the dirty utensils in hot water is just the sort of prep that is needed to get rid of stubborn smell of eggs, meat and other foods. Hot water cuts through the smell caused by grime and grease on the utensils. This step has worked wonders for us to keep our vessels odour free!

4. Scrub Your Utensils with The Right Dishwash Detergent

A good scrub is the key to getting all your vessels clean. But, did you know that choosing the right dishwashing agent is an important step to get rid of the unpleasant odour of meat and eggs on your utensils too?

A great value-for-money option is the Vim Anti Smell Liquid that has proved to be effective in getting rid of the unpleasant odour of meat and eggs on utensils, leaving them with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. All the natural ingredients present in the product i.e. pudina, lemon and ginger, have been traditionally used in homes to remove odour, whether from rooms or objects. Lemons in particular, can replace any bad smell with a fresh citrus aroma!

We’ve also found Vim Anti Smell Liquid is gentle on our hands and keeps them soft after the washing process. As homemakers, a product quality that most of us look for is longevity. With Vim Anti Smell Liquid, we found that just a little amount can help clean a sink full of dishes, which has helped us save both time and water. Another big positive for us is that it works on all kinds of utensils-steel, iron, wood and so on. Talking about wood specifically, it is a highly porous material and can easily soak up meat juices, making it even harder to get rid of unpleasant odours from them. However, for us, Vim Anti Smell Liquid has proven to be great for removing the smell of meat from our wooden chopping boards, thanks to the presence of pudina in it.

5. Rinse and Air Dry

Using normal temperature water to rinse off the utensils works best to remove the final remnants of the food particles as well as the accompanying odour. We’ve noticed that a dishwash liquid like Vim Anti Smell Liquid, mixed with water, rinses off easily leaving behind no residue on the utensils. Leave the utensils to air dry after the whole process to get them clean and odour-free.

We know that cooking can definitely seem like an ordeal if we are left with a lot of utensils to clean up and more so when we cook meat and eggs and their smell lingers on the dishes. There’s no doubt that we are all very fastidious when it comes to the cleanliness and freshness of our kitchen. Using these simple steps, you will never have to worry about the displeasing odour of meat and eggs in your dishes!

Wash the dishes as soon as possible. The more you put off the task, the more the odour of the meat and eggs will not only seep through into the utensil, but also spread all over your kitchen and home, leaving a general unpleasant feeling.

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