How to remove tough stains from kitchen surfaces

If you’re a fan of cooking delicious food, then the kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house which is highly susceptible to various kinds of stains. It’s a tough job to get rid of the sticky oil spilled on the station and pieces of sweets lying on the floor. Worry not; we’ve got the best solutions to keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy.


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How to Clean and Remove Tough Stains From Kitchen Surfaces | Get Set Clean

It’s best to work from top to bottom so that if any food or other dust particles fall, they can be cleaned as you work your way down.



-Make a paste mixing equal amounts of baking soda and water

-Take some of the paste using a wet cloth and scrub the insides of the cabinet. This paste can be applied on wood, sunmica, MDF, etc.

-For the final cleaning, use a dry towel and get rid of the remnants

Electric chimney

-Using a dry tissue paper, wipe away any moisture and dirt off the hood

-Take some Cif cream on a sponge and wipe the hood for shine

Station and wall tiles

-Prepare a mixture of dish soap and water

-Dip a scrubber in the solution and wash the walls and tiles firmly 

-Take some Cif cream on a sponge and wipe away all the grime

-Use a dry towel for the final wipe 

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