How to Take Care of Your Melamine Crockery

Your melamine dinnerware needs maintenance and care. Here are some cleaning tips on how to clean your stained crockery so that you can preserve them for longer.


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How to Care for Melamine Crockery | Get Set Clean
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Melamine dishes are popular in India. It is perfect for both everyday use as well as serving guests at home because they do not crack or chip easily and are comparatively low maintenance. However, there are certainly some do’s and don’ts. You must clean and maintain your melamine dinnerware properly if you want it to last longer.

Are you looking for tips to clean and maintain your melamine crockery? Well, here they are.

1) Do Not Microwave

Melamine dishes cannot tolerate high temperatures. They are great for serving food at the dinner table, but you should never put your melamine bowl or plate in a microwave or conventional oven. High temperatures can cause them to start melting and eventually, taint your food.

2) Wash With a Soft Sponge

One of the main attractions of using melamine dishes is their beautiful design. If you want to maintain the bright designs on your dinnerware for longer, never wash them with corrosive scrubbers like a steel-wool scrubber. Use a dishwashing liquid and scrub the dishes with a soft sponge. If there are stubborn dried-up food stains on your dishes, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the stained area.

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3) Rinse As Soon As Possible

It may not always be possible to wash your dishes right away. However, you should still clear the leftovers from the plates and rinse them. It is one of the simplest ways to protect your melamine dinnerware from stains. Keeping the dishes in the sink without rinsing will cause the residue food and sauces to dry up. Consequently, you will have to scrub them vigorously, which, in turn, will damage the pattern of your melamine dishes.

Follow these tips and your pattern melamine crockery will serve you well for years to come.

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