Simple guide to tackle pressure cooker problems

A pressure cooker is one of the most common things in kitchens these days because it saves time and effort while cooking. They also come with certain problems which a user manual can’t solve.


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How to Tackle Pressure Cooker Problems | Get Set Clean

It has become easy to troubleshoot the problem if the cooker is not shutting properly. This guide will walk you through expected issues with closing a cooker.

  • Gasket It’s a rubber seal present in the lid. Quite often it becomes loose or gets dislocated. Just remove it and place it back correctly.
  • Valve Check if it is properly placed in the right position. It helps to build proper pressure in the cooker.
  • Not to add To create a certain amount of pressure to cook, don’t make the liquid thick by adding flour.
  • Lock Make sure to lock the cooker properly.
  • Burner Put the cooker on the burner which is smaller in size or equal to its base.

Don’t let a faulty pressure cooker hinder your kitchen from preparing delicious food.

Open the cooker only after the steam pressure has naturally released.

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