How to Clean Your Discoloured Aluminium Pans

Aluminium pans tend to get discoloured after frequent use. This guide will give you a few cleaning tips to bring back the shine on your aluminium kitchenware.

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Aluminium is light, sturdy and known to distribute heat evenly. This makes it an ideal choice for pots, pans, cookers and other kitchenware. We recommend you wash your aluminium kitchenware by hand. Avoid putting them in in the dishwasher, as it can lead to discolouration. Follow the steps below to have your aluminium utensils looking as good as new.

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Ingredients to Keep Handy:

a) Large container

b) Hot water

c) Vinegar

d)  Wooden spoon

e) Dishwashing liquid

f) Kitchen Towel

  1. Step 1: Use Hot Water

    Take a container large enough to fit the aluminium utensil you wish to clean. Fill ½ of it with hot water and add a cup of vinegar. Place your aluminium utensil in it.

  2. Step 2: Let it Soak

    Bring the solution to a boil and leave your aluminium kitchenware in the hot water to soak for around 20 minutes.

  3. Step 3: Remove the Grime

    Next, take a wooden spoon and use it to dislodge grime. After being soaked in hot water, the dirt will loosen, and it will be a lot easier to clean.

  4. Step 4: Rinse Under Warm Water

    After scraping off the grime, rinse the utensil under warm water. This is done to remove any leftover grime stuck on it before washing.

  5. Step 5: Wash Using Dishwashing Liquid

    Take a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a sponge and scrub your aluminium utensil with it. You can try using Vim Dishwash Gel, which is easily available in the market, for this. Scrub your utensil thoroughly to ensure it is as clean as possible.

  6. Step 6: Rinse Under Your Tap

    Rinse your aluminium utensil under water to remove all the soap and dirt. The running water will make sure that no dirt or grime remain on your utensil.

  7. Step 7: Dry

    Use a kitchen towel to wipe your aluminium vessels dry.

There you go! Now that you know how to clean your aluminium utensils, you’ll find it easier to keep your cookware clean and spotless!

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