How to clean your granite platform like a pro

Are your delicious dishes leaving stains on your kitchen’s granite platform? Check out this simple method to clean it like a pro.


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How to clean your granite platform like a pro
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A sparkling kitchen platform is the first step towards achieving a sparkling kitchen. Whenever you walk into someone’s kitchen, the first thing you notice is their kitchen platform. A mottled, greasy-looking platform can be a big put-off. After all, no one likes cooking in a messy kitchen.

Stains on your kitchen platform are inevitable, but cleaning those messy stains and making your kitchen platform shine is possible. Try the following, easy method to keep your kitchen and your platform sparkling clean.

Top TipAfter each cooking session, remember to wipe your kitchen’s granite platform with a clean rag daily. This will prevent stains from taking hold and make your cleaning sessions easier.

Step 1:

Start by cleaning the dirt on your kitchen platform’s surface. Take a cloth and wipe the stained area thoroughly.

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Step 2:

Make your own cleaning solution. Take ½ a bucket of water and add 4 drops of dishwashing gel to it. Now, dip a soft cloth in it and wipe the area clean. Wring the cloth to remove excess water. Repeat the process if needed.

Step 3:

Take a clean microfibre cloth and wipe your granite platform in a circular motion with it. This will help soak up all the extra water.

Step 4:

Leave it to dry

Achieving a squeaky-clean finish on your kitchen’s granite platform is easy. The next time you want to clean your messy kitchen platform, try this solution. It’s simple and effective. There you have it! Follow these steps to keep your kitchen platform looking sparkling new.

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