Confused between alkaline and ionised water purifiers? Here’s everything you need to know

Water is alkaline due to the presence of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and bicarbonates. This is good for health since these minerals are naturally present. Due to increase in pollutants, water these days is contaminated and therefore the need for a water purifier is warranted.


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Difference Between Alkaline & Ionised Water Purifiers | Get Set Clean
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Water purifiers have become an integral part of any household. There are multiple variants in the market which are equally competent in purifying water. They are not the same and serve different purposes.

Purifiers work on changing the pH value of water. For safe and pure water, it is necessary to have neutral pH value.

So, we have simplified it for your convenience. Take a quick look at this article to understand how alkaline and ionised water purifier work.

Mix the juice of a lemon, lime, orange or any citrus fruit with your water from an ionizer and drink immediately. This enhances the water quality.

Alkaline water purifier

An alkaline water purifier neutralises the acid content in the water and increases its pH level.

  • Pros It reduces the oxidation of water which is harmful to many body tissues. Getting rid of the acidity of water increases the pH level of water which is good for the human body.

  • Cons The only problem with water purified in an Alkaline purifier is that you can’t store it for long. So, do not be fooled by bottled alkaline water which has lost all its potential.

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Ionised water purifier

Ionised water purifier works on the ionisation of water. It’s basically a chemical reaction which leads to gaining or losing an electron so the atom becomes a charged particle - ion.

  • Pros Chemicals, such as calcium and magnesium gain electrons and make the water ionized. This ionized water, bundled with these chemicals is beneficial for health.

  • Cons There is no such disadvantage of drinking ionised water. But drink immediately for best results.

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