5 Easy Tips to Clean Dishwashers Properly

A dishwasher is a machine you use on a daily basis, but may not wash very regularly. Well, in our experience, poor maintenance of a dishwasher has its unfavourable consequences. So, check out these five tips on how to clean dishwashers properly for the best results!


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Tips to clean dishwashers properly
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If you own a dishwasher or bought one during the lockdown, then this article will be very useful for you. Why? Because we’re going to help you with some amazing techniques to clean your dishwasher, a machine that helps you save time while washing your utensils efficiently. Over a period of time, we may become ignorant of the fact that a dishwasher could also need cleaning as bits of grease, food particles, undissolved detergent and other things begin to accumulate in its interior walls and filter. Besides the unpleasant look and odour, the gunk could eventually leave film and spots on your dinnerware, flatware and glassware. So, basically no more shining dishes out of your dishwasher. Also, the grime and food build up could really damage your dishwasher’s pump and filter. Follow these simple tips to clean your dishwasher properly and avoid this situation.

1. Clear the Drain

This is something we do on a daily basis since it’s one of the key steps in keeping your dishwasher clean and functioning efficiently. To clean the drain, we first remove the dish rack at the bottom of the machine. This should be followed by the removal of any food or gunk stuck in the drain. We’ve noticed that the removal of this gunk helps improve drainage and enhances cleaning efficiency of the dishwasher. At the same time, it prevents any damage from occurring to the machine. You can remove the buildup of the leftover food with a tissue or paper towel.

2. Rinse the Dishwasher Filter

When you're looking to clean a dishwasher, the filter needs special attention. For this, we typically unlock and take the filter out of the machine before rinsing it with hot water. Next, we take a toothbrush, preferably a soft one, and do a little scrubbing of the plastic frame and mesh screen for removing all particles and grease. We’ve noticed that this process of cleaning leaves the filter looking like new!

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3. Invest In a Good Dishwasher Detergent

Your dishwasher will remain in top-notch condition if you invest in a good dishwasher detergent such as Vim Matic Dishwash All in One Tablets, that offer a brilliant and spot-free shine to utensils.

Apart from your utensils, they are a great agent for keeping your dishwasher clean too! They are also compatible with all kinds of dishwashers. In our experience, the tablets have been extremely effective in removing grease and tough oily food stains from the dishwasher. We've had to spend no extra time cleaning the dishwasher and doing repeated washes because the tablets are powerful enough to do the job in one go. We've also noticed that after the use of Vim Matic Dishwash All in One Tablets, our dishwasher looks sparkling clean and has this impressive shine to it. There are no spots or watermarks left behind whatsoever! Read the instructions on the pack carefully to know how to use the dishwasher tablets the correct way.

4. Wipe The Door

If like us, you wish to get rid of all the fingerprint marks on the door of the dishwasher, then all you need is some warm soapy water and a damp cloth or sponge for wiping. To clean the interior part of the door, we like to use soap water to wipe away the spots and residue which may have got settled or splashed on the inside. Once both sides of the door are clean, we recommend wiping them dry using a soft piece of cloth.

5. Clean The Various Parts of Your Dishwasher

Now that we’ve cleaned the filter, drain and door of the dishwasher, it is time to pay attention to the other removable parts such as the racks and utensil holder. They also need cleaning for the removal of food bits and other build up/residue.

If there are food residues stuck to these parts of the dishwasher, then you can mix soap into some warm water for making a cleaning solution. Put the parts of the dishwasher in your sink and allow them to soak for about 20 minutes in the cleaning solution. Simply rinse the parts after the soaking process and place them back once dried.

We recommend using these tips to clean your dishwasher on a regular basis, at least once a week, so that it functions properly at all times!

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