How to Make Homemade Rangoli Colours

Homemade colours are easy to make and can add some new life to your Rangoli. They can be made easily with biodegradable and chemical-free materials found at home.


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Tips to make rangoli colors at home
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Rangoli is a colourful and beautiful representation of the true spirit of India, especially during festivals. But if you are worried about the safety of your children and pets at home, then as an alternative to buying from the market, you can easily make Rangoli colours at home using bio-degradable and chemical-free materials. Check out these tips to see how -

You can dip rice in various colours to get beautiful coloured rice and use them in your Rangoli decoration. Place earthen lamps for decoration to enhance the beauty of your Rangoli.

1) Tip 1

Green Rangoli Colour: Green colour is the embodiment of nature and life. You can get this colour by drying methi, spinach, coriander, mint, or green vegetables. Fine grind them to obtain various shades of green.

2) Tip 2

Yellow Rangoli Colour: When you see yellow you feel fresh and joyful. You can easily get yellow Rangoli when you mix rice-flour with turmeric. Try it out, it is easy to make!

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3) Tip 3

Red Rangoli Color: You can use a mixer to grind dried rose petals to get red Rangoli. If you want a different shade of red, all you have to do is grind some dried pomegranate peels or dried carrots in the mixer to have two shades of red. Festivals are always around the corner, so we suggest you prepare your Rangoli colours at home well in advance!

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