Easy Tips to Store Your Baby’s Clothes for Their Younger Siblings

Looking for simple storage tips for your baby’s clothes? We tell you how to keep those tiny treasures in mint condition as well as keep them organised and ready for your next family member.


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How to Store your Baby's Clothes | Get Set Clean
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It’s common for younger siblings to wear hand-me-downs from their older siblings. If you are wondering how you can take care of the older clothes and set them aside for future use, we have some easy tips you can use.

Babies grow up quickly, and their cute onesies and rompers have no utility unless reused. Packing away these tiny treasures for a future sibling will not only let you relive your memories but also be easy on your pocket.

We have a few simple and effective tips to organise your baby’s clothes and keep them in good condition.

1) Clean

Wash the little garments before you put them in storage for future use. Treat any stains before you wash the clothes. If you’re hand-washing them, use warm water and a mild detergent. If you’re machine-washing your clothes, run a gentle cycle and warm water setting. Dry in sunlight.

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2) Discard Worn Out Items

It is indeed difficult to let go of your baby’s clothes, but if something is badly stained or looks worn out, let it go! You should also let go of well-worn baby shoes, as they may be uncomfortable for the younger sibling.

3) Sort by Size

Sort and store same-sized clothes together for easy classification. Sorting by size is easy, but do not completely rely on labels, as different brands may have different standards. Use your judgement to classify.

4) Sort by Season

After sorting clothes by size, separate each sorted pile into seasons: summer wear, winter wear and so on. Blankets, wraps and other accessories should also be separated, so they are easy to find.

5) Bag, Label and Store

Using resealable bags is the best option to store clothes. Pack each pile of sorted clothing into its individual bags and label for gender, size, and season. Label the bags with a list of contents so you can find what you need at a glance. Finally, pack your sorted and labelled bags into boxes. Store them in a cool, dry environment.

There you go! Just try these simple steps and you’ll be ready to welcome your next baby with gifts from the older sibling.

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