Easy Laundry Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Uniforms Shining Brightly

We understand that as a parent, you’re often short on time. Here are some great laundry tips and tricks to ensure that your children always look sharp in their uniform.


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How to Keep your Kid's Uniforms Shining Bright | Get Set Clean
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As a mother of school-going kids, there are so many things you constantly worry about. Homework, projects, exams, lunchboxes, water bottles… the list is endless. But perhaps the most stressful thing is the washing regimen of your children’s school uniforms. You cannot expect your child to spot-treat these stains, and anyway, by the time you put the uniform out to wash, the stains would have dried and turned stubborn.

On such occasions, these easy-to-use tips will come in handy.

Use cold water while washing your child’s uniform. Doing so will help protect its colour.

1) Use Vinegar

Load the uniforms into your washing machine. Pour ½ a cup of vinegar along with your regular washing detergent into the washing machine. The uniforms will be stain- and odour-free. Vinegar also helps maintain the colour and enhance the softness of the fabric.

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2) Dry Inside-Out

Once the wash cycle is complete, turn the uniforms inside out and dry them in natural sunlight for half an hour. Remember not to expose them to sunlight for too long to prevent the colour from fading. Once the uniforms are dry, lay them out on an ironing board and iron them.

3) Wash Sports Uniforms Separately

The fabric of sports uniforms is different from that of regular uniforms, and hence, should be treated separately. Put the sports uniforms in mesh bags and then wash them in your washing machine. This will help to keep the threads of the sports uniforms intact.

It’s that simple! And since kids wear their school uniforms almost throughout the day, it’s most susceptible to getting stained. Mud from the playground or gravy stains from their lunchboxes are some of the most common stains found on a child’s uniform. These tips will help in getting rid of stains from their uniform with ease.

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