Use These Steps to Wash Your Child’s Cap Like an Expert

A trendy cap can instantly redefine your child’s sense of style. Try this helpful cleaning method to keep your child’s cap neat and clean.


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How to Wash Your Child’s Cap Like an Expert | Get Set Clean
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Caps are not just a fashion item. They also help keep your head protected from the elements. So, it’s time to add the latest and trendiest caps to your child’s wardrobe. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you wash them the right way and flaunt them. Since caps are small items, it is recommended that you hand-wash them. Tossing the caps into the washing machine can damage the fabric and make them lose shape.

Step 1: Read the Care Label

Like all clothing items, it is very important to read the manufacturer’s care instructions before you start washing your cap.

Step 2: Fill a Bucket with Water

Depending on the type of fabric of the cap, fill a bucket with cold or lukewarm water. Woollen and cotton caps should be washed in cold water to prevent them from shrinking. Use lukewarm water for polyester caps.

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Step 3: Add Mild Detergent

Add 1 tbsp. of mild detergent to the water and twirl the water gently with your hands.

Step 4: Soak the Caps

Now, soak the cap in the detergent solution for 20 minutes. If you’re concerned about odour in the cap, you can use a fragrant detergent. Another option is adding 2 drops of your favourite essential oil to the cleaning solution.

Step 5: Scrub the Stains

If there are stains on the cap, scrub them away with an old toothbrush. Be careful around stitching and logos.

Step 6: Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the cap thoroughly with regular tap water. Ensure there is no detergent residue stuck in the stitching of the cap. The detergent residue may cause an allergic reaction on direct contact with skin.

Step 7: Remove Excess Water

Wrap the cap in a soft towel and gently squeeze it to wring out excess water.

Step 8: Flat-Dry

Air-dry the cap on a flat surface, away from direct sunlight.

Let your child step out in style wearing a clean cap.

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