Simple Method to Revive Your Child’s Dull School Uniform

Is your child’s school uniform looking dull with each wash? You can try these amazing laundry tips to protect their colour and shine.


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How to Keep your Child's School Uniform Looking Like New | Get Set Clean
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Your child’s daily activities in school will most certainly demand regular washing of their school uniforms. But regular washing could make their uniforms look dull. There’s no need to worry though. With the right laundry tips and tricks, you can easily protect the shine and colour of your child’s school uniforms.

Try the following tips when washing your child’s school uniform next time. 

1)  Use Vinegar

Add ½ a glass of white vinegar to the washing load and run the cycle. This will improve the efficiency of the cleaning process and keep your clothes soft. It will also protect the colours from running. 

2)  Turn the Garment Inside-Out

Before loading your child’s uniforms into the washing machine, turn them inside-out. This will protect the colours from fading. 

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3)  Avoid Sunlight

After the wash cycle, avoid drying the uniform in direct sunlight. Instead, choose to dry the uniforms in the shade. 

4) Wash in Cold Water

School uniforms need to be washed frequently, so it’s best to use cold water to protect the colours from running. If you’re machine-washing your uniforms, choose a gentle, cold-water cycle. 

5) Wash Separately

Whenever possible, run a separate cycle for washing uniforms. Washing them with other clothes can cause the colours to run, which results in fading. Thus, it’s best to wash them separately.

6)  Use a Mild Detergent

Since your children’s uniform needs frequent washing, it’s best to use a mild detergent. It is gentle and will protect the colours of your uniform.

There you go! Try these tips and thank us later! These tips will definitely keep your kiddo’s school uniforms shining brightly.

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