Did Your Toddler Scribble on Your Floor? Here's How to Remove Those Crayon Marks

As a mother of a toddler, you may have to deal with crayon stains on various surfaces. Here are a few cleaning tips to remove crayon stains from flooring.


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Did Your Toddler Scribble on Your Floor? Here's How to Remove Those Crayon Marks

Drawing and doodling are great ways to teach your kids to concentrate. However, when you hand a crayon to your toddler, expect their doodles everywhere except the drawing book.

Here are some tips and tricks to get rid of crayon scribbles on flooring in your patio or the backyard. Your little Picasso may not see the difference between a canvas and floor, but your guests will!

1) Use Your Hairdryer

This is a smart trick to get rid of crayon stains on your flooring in minutes. Grab your hairdryer and blast hot air on the stains. This will loosen the stains on the floor. Now, wipe the floor with a soapy washcloth followed by a damp mop.

2) Use Dishwashing Liquid

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Take a bucket of warm water and add 7-8 drops of dishwashing liquid to it. Twirl the water with your hands to ensure that the liquid is perfectly dissolved in the water. Now, wipe off the stained area of your flooring with a rag. You may have to scrub to remove the stains. Use a hard-bristled toilet brush for this. Finally, rinse off with plain water and let the floor air-dry.

3) Use Floor Cleaner

Spray the stained area on your flooring with an effective floor cleaner. Let it sit on the stains for 15 minutes. Then, wash it off with plain water. Disinfect the floor with Domex Floor Cleaner that contains Sodium Hypochlorite as an active ingredient which kills germs. Use as directed on the pack; test on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first.

4) Use Baking Soda

Add 2 tbsp of baking soda to a bowl of water and make a paste. Cover the stained area of your flooring with this paste and leave it for 15 minutes. The crayon marks should come off easily. Finally, mop the floor with soapy water to remove any residue.

Your flooring is now spotless.

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