Wondering What Precautions to Take After Coming Home from Outside? Here’s Your Guide

Every time you step into your house from outside, use these tips to stay safe. These simple measures will keep you and your family protected.


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What Precautions to Take After Coming Home from Outside | Get Set Clean
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Even if you have been working from home and hardly step out, sometimes leaving the house is inevitable. You might need to buy groceries or medicines, or go to the garage to check your vehicles. If you’re worried you might be bringing in germs from outside, follow these simple but effective precautionary measures.

1) Maintain Personal Hygiene

Whenever you return home from outside make sure to wash your hands till your elbows, thoroughly. You can use soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitiser such as those available from Lifebuoy. Do this right after entering your home. If another member of your family has to go out, ensure he or she does the same immediately after returning. Do not touch any home surface before you wash your hands. 

Also, do not touch common surfaces like lift buttons, door handles, etc. And in case you have touched such a surface, always wash your hands before touching anything else, especially your face. 

You could also carry a tissue with you in case you need to cough or sneeze while you’re outside. Remember to discard the tissue in the dustbin after use.

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2) Designated Spots

Have designated spots and boxes for items like your wallet, debit or credit cards, house or car keys, loose change and shopping bags. Keep these items separate from other household things and do not touch them or allow anyone else to touch them unless absolutely necessary. Always wash your hands each time you handle these items. Keep a separate bin to discard grocery packets, and wash your reusable shopping bags after every use.

3) Clean Surfaces

After you have washed your hands, wash all cans, cartons or trays before storing them. Always clean the table or counter that you use for unloading groceries. Wash all fruits and vegetables under running water to clean them well. Wipe your purse or wallet before keeping it in its designated spot. Always wash your hands after this. 

4) Disinfect Surfaces

You could also disinfect your keys and door handles before and after use. Use a mild liquid detergent and water to clean them. After cleaning, use a suitable disinfectant, like a bleach-based (sodium hypochlorite) product such as Domex Floor Cleaner, which kills germs. Please use it on a small inconspicuous area of the surface first to check its compatibility.

Follow these effective tips to stay safe and also keep your family members protected.

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