How to Clean the Period Stains From Your Daughter’s School Uniform

When it comes to the best motherly advice, offering your girl support and helping her stay calm when she hits puberty ranks pretty high. So, while you help her deal with menstrual cramps, we’ll help you deal with period stains on her school uniform.

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It is that time of the month. Your little girl is still not used to it. Consequently, there are going to be period stains. You’ll have to arm yourself with some smart laundry tips and tricks to clean the stain. Leaving the stain unattended will make it stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Additionally, dried blood can quickly turn your garment into a breeding ground for harmful germs. 

Follow these steps to disinfect and clean the period stains from your daughter’s school uniform. 

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Ingredients to Keep Handy:

a) Cold water

b) Laundry detergent

c) Old toothbrush

d) Soft-bristled brush

  1. Step 1: Soak the Uniform

    Fill a bucket with cold water. Soak the stained uniform in this water. If the stain is fresh, you can take out the uniform in 10 minutes. However, if the stain has dried up, you’ll have to soak it overnight. Remember to never treat blood stains with hot water as the heat will cause the stain to penetrate further into the fabric.

  2. Step 2: Treat the Stain

    Apply 1 tsp. of laundry detergent on the stained area of the garment. You can try using a detergent powder such as Surf Excel Easy Wash. It is easily available in the market. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the stain in a circular motion. Do not apply pressure as it may damage the fabric. Rinse off the detergent with plain tap water. The stains should disappear. You can also use baking soda as an alternative. Mix 1 tbsp. of baking soda with 1 tbsp. of water to form a paste and apply it on the stain. Leave it for about 1 hour and wash away.

  3. Step 3: Wash the Uniform

    Add 1 tsp. of the laundry detergent to ½ a bucket of water and soak the school uniform in it. After a minute or so, take it out and wring it. Scrub the clothing gently with a soft-bristled brush. Finally, rinse with plain water. Wring gently to remove excess water and hang to dry. 

There you go! Follow these steps and get rid of those stains from your daughter’s uniform now. 

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