Are You a New Parent? Try These Tips to Disinfect Your Baby’s Clothes

You want to give your baby the best of everything, especially when it comes to their clothes. We bring you a few tips on washing baby clothes to keep them clean.


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How to Wash and Disinfect Your Baby's Clothes | Get Set Clean
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If you want to know how to wash your baby’s clothes, you’ve come to the right place. In these times, you have to be extra careful while washing their clothes as their skin is delicate and prone to infections. You should not take any chances with your baby’s health. Here are a few fuss-free tips on how to sanitise and wash your baby’s clothes the right way.

1) Make a Natural Detergent

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and thus a detergent made with natural ingredients is best to wash their clothes. First, preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake 6 cups of baking soda for 20 minutes, until it becomes flat and grainy. Once the baking soda cools down, blend 3 bars of grated baby soap to make a fine paste. Store this mixture in a clean container and use whenever required.

2) Use a Fabric Conditioner

Use a fabric conditioner to wash your baby’s clothes. This smoothens the fibres of your baby’s clothes and keeps them fresh. Keeping their clothes soft is vital to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

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3) Wash Thoroughly

Germs, bacteria and viruses can survive on clothes too. The simplest way to ensure that your baby’s clothes are clean and germ-free is to give them a thorough wash. First, spot-treat any stained areas using the detergent prepared in Tip 1. Apply it on the stained area using the back of a spoon, or rub it directly into the fabric. Wait for 2 minutes and wash as you normally would. Use a laundry sanitiser to eliminate germs. You can try using Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitiser for this. Always read the package for instructions and test on a small part before use.

4) Wash Nappies Separately

Avoid washing your baby’s cloth nappies with their other clothes. It’s always a good idea to wash these in separate loads to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

Use these easy tips to keep your baby’s clothes clean, and your baby happy!

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