Looking for a Gentle Detergent for Your Baby’s Clothes? Try This DIY

Homemade detergent is a great way to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. Here’s a DIY detergent we highly recommend you to try at least once!


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DIY detergent for Your Baby’s Clothes
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You put in maximum effort to give your baby the best of everything, and washing their clothes correctly is a top priority! Your little one’s skin is sensitive and less resistant to bacteria, therefore using a gentle detergent for their laundry is always recommended.

If you’d like to go all-natural, you could try a homemade detergent. Here’s a simple 5-step recipe formulated especially to wash your baby’s clothes.

Step 1:

Take a microwave-safe bowl, add 6 cups of baking soda in it and heat for 5-6 minutes in your microwave.

Step 2:

Take the powder out of the oven to check if it’s become flat and grainy, and let it cool.

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Step 3:

Take 3 bars of baby soap and cut them into small pieces. Then evenly grate them.

Step 4:

Add the baking soda and the grated soap bars to the blender. Ensure they are blended evenly.

 Step 5:

The mixture is now ready to use and can be stored in a clean container.

Make your DIY detergent in small batches so the ingredients don’t lose their potency.

There it is! Laundry becomes an integral part of your day when a newborn arrives in your life. Your little one needs their clothes changed multiple times a day, and the pile in your laundry basket seems to grow taller by the hour.

But don’t let this overwhelm you. This DIY recipe is easy and will clean your baby’s clothes effectively, and still be gentle on their delicate skin!

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