4 Fun Cooking Activities for Your Kids at Home

Are your kids getting bored at home? Do these enjoyable cooking activities with them with ingredients already in your kitchen!


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4 Fun Cooking Activities for Your Kids at Home
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It has been a month of lockdown, and your kids are inside the home. They may be getting bored playing the same games and seeing the same shows on TV. Try cooking and baking these 4 super fun and delicious recipes with your kids. It’s a sure way to beat the boredom. The best part? You will have most of the ingredients at home itself—no need to step out.

1) Yummy Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are easy-to-make and fun to eat. You can make a batch of chocolate cupcakes with your kids and let their creativity soar. Give them fun ingredients like coloured icing, gems, sprinkles, chocolate fingers or any other ingredients you have at home. We love how actor Hiten Tejwani made cool cupcakes with his daughter Katya. His recipe is very simple, using self-rising flour, melted butter, cocoa, eggs, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, etc. They have such fun making yummy cupcakes and decorating them with chocolate decorations! Give it a try at home with your children.

2) Smiley Face Chocolate Pancake

Are you up for some chocolaty, smiling pancake time with your kids? For this activity, all you need is some regular flour (maida), cocoa powder, chocolate sauce, butter, baking soda, milk and bananas. It is so simple that your kids will happily make it with you. The best part? They will get a chocolate pancake with a smiley face, a favourite with kids. Check out the detailed recipe in this video as Chef Ranveer Brar takes you and his son Ishaan through its steps. It is fun, easy and delicious. Ishaan sure seemed happy!

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3) Emoji Pizza

This recipe will not only give your kids an exciting time but will also get their meal ready! For this activity, you would need some mini pizza bases. You can either make them at home, like Rohini Chawla did, or use readymade ones. Then give the kids some pizza sauce or ketchup, some vegetables like tomato or bell pepper slices, black olives, etc. Let them assemble the mini pizza bases and top them with ingredients to make them look like whatever they want. Rohini’s son wanted to make a Mummy-themed pizza and see how well he made it! Want to see how they did it? Check it out here.

4) Sliced Pinwheels

This is yet another tasty, easy to make recipe. It looks mouth-watering, like a lollipop. All you need are some bread slices, hung curd, grated beetroot, grated cucumber, black pepper, garlic, etc. Now while you roll out the bread slices, get your kids to make the stuffing for the pinwheel with all the ingredients. It is super simple. Check out how Priyanca Bhatia had a blast making this with her daughter.

Aren’t you tempted to try these with your children at home? Have a fun-filled experience with your kids and enjoy cooking and baking together! This will lead to some mess in the kitchen and stains on the kid’s clothes, but the stains are worthwhile as these are precious memories with your children, and however tough the stains are, Surf Excel detergent will take care of it! 

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