Tips to get rid of bad smoky smell

Did you have a visitor who smoked in your home, and you’re worried about how to banish that lingering smell? Cigarette smoke can affect your kids’ health. But don’t let that thought daunt you, as we have a few tips to help you get rid of that smoky smell.


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Tips to get rid of bad smoky smell
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Cigarette smoke can take a long time to disperse, and the smell tends to linger especially long in the room where the cigarette was smoked. And the smoke that stays back is hazardous for your kids’ health. To keep your children and the whole family safe, it’s essential to get rid of any lingering traces of smoke from your home. Don’t worry. There are ways to get rid of this smell using items easily available in your home.

Here are some simple methods to neutralise a cigarette smell and have your home smelling fresh again.

If you have exhaust fans, turn them on if anyone is smoking inside the home. This will eliminate the smoke easily.

1) Open the Windows

Opening the windows will help the smoke flow out and the fresh air flow in. It’s even better if the visitor who is smoking considers sitting by an open window and blows the smoke out of the window. This will prevent the smoke from accumulating indoors.

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2) Use Vinegar to Clean Upholstery

Make a mixture comprising 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water. Spray it over the entire surface. This would include your upholstery and furniture. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Wipe the furniture with a clean cloth. For the upholstery, wash as you normally would.

3) Spray a Room Freshener

Spray an air freshener in all the corners of your room. The scent of the air freshener overpowers the smoke smell and leaves your room smelling fresh.

4) Burn Incense

The smell of burning incense can help mask the smell of smoke. Place at least 4 sticks of incense on a non-flammable surface and allow them to burn until the cigarette smell is covered. Once the smell is gone, snuff out the sticks by placing them in water.

5) Sprinkle Baking Soda

Take baking soda and sprinkle over the piece of upholstery that smells of smoke. This could be your curtains, carpets or upholstered furniture. Make sure you spread the baking soda evenly over the area you require to treat. Use a brush to scrub the area. Let it sit for 20 minutes and wipe with a clean damp cloth or wash in your washing machine as you normally would.

There you go! Try these simple tips to eliminate the smell of smoke from your room and keep your kids safe from second-hand smoke.

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