How to Treat Hard Water Stains on Your Showerhead and Restore its Shine

To keep your bathroom looking clean, keep your showers, taps and buckets in sparkling condition. Use the bathroom cleaning tips listed here to get rid of hard water stains from your shower.

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Reading time: 2 minutes

Hard water contains salt and mineral deposits, which can make your faucets and tiles look cloudy and stained. Your bathroom cleaning efforts will be rendered useless until you remove these hard water stains from your shower and taps. Restore their lost shine and give your bathroom an instant facelift at zero cost. All you have to do is follow the surface cleaning process given below and keep your home spick and span. 

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Ingredients to Keep Handy:

a) Damp sponge

b) Water

c) Vinegar

d) Spray bottle

e) Dishwashing liquid

f) Cotton cloth

g) Bathroom cleaner

  1. Step 1: Wipe the Shower

    Dip a soft sponge in plain water and wipe the shower and taps with the damp sponge. Do not use a harsh scratchpad or steel wool scrubber as these can leave unsightly scratches on your shower. Wipe gently, but firmly, to get rid of any surface dirt and muck on your shower and faucets.

  2. Step 2: Prepare a Cleaning Solution

    Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a cup and pour the solution into an empty spray bottle. Ensure that the spray bottle is cleaned thoroughly with an effective dishwashing liquid.

  3. Step 3: Spray the Solution

    Now, spray the water-vinegar solution on the affected areas of the shower. You can also pour the solution on to a cleaning rag or cotton cloth and wipe the shower and faucets gently. For stubborn stains, remove the showerhead and soak it in the vinegar solution for 30 minutes. The vinegar will react with the salt deposits and dislodge it.

  4. Step 4: Clean with a Bathroom Cleaner

    Use a bathroom cleaner to remove residual stains. You can use Cif Bathroom Cleaner that cleans watermarks and soap sediments. Check the pack to understand the correct usage instructions. And always test on a small part to check compatibility.

  5. Step 5: Rinse with Plain Water

    Wash off the water-vinegar solution from the shower with plain water. You can also wipe off the solution using a damp cotton cloth. You may have to repeat the procedure if you are not completely satisfied with the result.

So, there you have it. If you follow a strict cleaning ritual to prevent the stains from getting stubborn, your shower will be as shiny as the day you bought it.

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