8 Tips and Tricks for Efficient Toilet Cleaning

Toilet cleaning doesn't have to be a daunting household chore. With these tips, you can easily make your toilet squeaky clean in a jiffy!


Reading Time: 5 minutes

Tips for efficient toilet cleaning
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Reading time: 5 minutes

You must clean the toilet as frequently as once in every 2 to 3 days. And, we don’t mean just cleaning. When it comes to the toilet, disinfecting the toilet seat and other surfaces are just as important. Cleaning refers to removing surface stains and dirt, whereas disinfecting means taking care of the germs that might be breeding on your toilet seat. A dirty toilet smells bad, looks stained and becomes a haven for disease-causing germs. Your toilet is also an area which is damp most of the times. And a damp condition is breeding ground for mould. Thus it is important to clean it regularly.  

Keep the tips given below handy for easy and efficient toilet cleaning. 

1) Cleaning and Disinfecting Toilet Bowl

Want to know how to clean a toilet seat and keep it sparkling at all times? Start by draining the water from the bowl. You can do so by using a plunger or turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush your toilet bowl. The toilet bowl can be deep cleaned using cleaning agent and long handle angular brush. Let the cleaner sit on the inside rim for a few minutes. Then, scrub your toilet bowl with a toilet brush. You can use products like Domex Toilet Cleaner. Follow instructions on the pack for usage and compatible surfaces and always test on a small inconspicuous area first. Do not mix acid and bleach. Flush to rinse the cleaner. Ensure that you keep rubbing while the water drains out. You can use the same product to clean and scrub the toilet seat as well.

Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner

2) Disinfecting Toilet Seat and Exteriors of a Toilet 

Once you have cleaned, follow it up with disinfecting. Put the lid on and pour a disinfecting agent on its edges and back. Pour it on the toilet seat as well. Ensure that you cover the hinges and bolts on the lid. Grab an old toothbrush to scrub the hard-to-reach nooks and crevices. Wipe off the grime using paper towels. 

Spray a suitable disinfectant spray all over the tank, lid, sides and base of the toilet. You can try Domex Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray. It contains Sodium Hypochlorite, as recommended by leading health organisations, for disinfecting surfaces at home. It safely kills germs on frequently touched surfaces in rooms and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. Follow instructions on the pack for usage and compatible surfaces and always test on a small inconspicuous area first. Do not mix acid and bleach.

Wipe clean. Start from the top and move downwards. Use a cotton cleaning rag or a microfiber cloth. If the cloth gets too damp mid-way, change the rag and continue. 

3) Cleaning the Base of a Toilet 

The base of a toilet is the lower part of the toilet which is attached to the floor. This surface also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain hygiene. To clean the base of a toilet, you can use a vinegar and water solution. Mix 2 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of water. You can also add 2 tsp. of dishwashing gel in it. Mix the solution well with a stirrer and pour into a spray bottle. Spray it all over the base and allow it to rest for 20 minutes. Then scrub with a sponge pad and thoroughly rinse with water.  

4) Removing Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet 

Put 1 cup vinegar in the toilet bowl. Wait for a minute. Spread the vinegar throughout the bowl using a toilet brush. Now, add 1 cup of baking soda and another cup of vinegar. Let them react for 5 minutes. Scrub the insides and rim of the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and flush away the yellow hard water stains from your toilet bowl. 

5) Removing Yellow Stains from Your Toilet Bowl

To remove yellow stains from your toilet bowl, liberally sprinkle baking soda over the stained area. Now use the brush to scrub the surface. Now, spray or pour 1 cup of vinegar over the stained surface and allow it to rest for 20-30 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water. You may repeat the step if needed.

6) Removing Brown Spots From Your Toilet Bowl 

Brown spots are caused by iron oxide or rust deposits on your toilet bowl. To treat these spots, pour 2 litres of vinegar in the bowl and leave it for a couple of hours or overnight. If the brown spots appear on the insides of the rim of your toilet bowl, make a paste using vinegar and salt. Apply this paste on the spots using an old toothbrush. Let the paste rest on the spots for 3-4 hours. Later, flush it out. 

7) Cleaning Toilet Brush 

The best way to disinfect your toilet brush is to rinse it with hot water and spray it with an effective disinfecting agent and keep it in direct sunlight for sometime after use. 

Now you know how to clean toilet stains. You can use natural ingredients too to clean your toilet. However, please note that the natural elements like lime juice, vinegar and baking soda may not be strong enough to kill disease-causing germs. It is best to use a commercial toilet cleaner. However, we suggest you to check the instructions on product to read the warnings and directions to use. Always wear protective hand gloves and mask when using bleach. Here are some more tips on how to make toilet and brush sparkling clean.

Using a rim block will keep your toilet clean and odour-free in between deep cleaning sessions.  

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