Want to Conserve Water but Not Sure How? Here Are Some Easy Tips

In recent times, the scarcity of water has been an ever-growing concern. We bring you a few tips to help you conserve water.


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We are all aware of the importance of water and how a scarcity can impact our lives. With this in mind, many of you may be wondering how you can save water. Conserving water is important and there are a few simple steps you can take at home. These tips will help save water at home and contribute to the environment’s betterment.

1) Turn off the Faucet While Brushing 

You can maintain a beautiful smile and conserve water at the same time. While brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet. You can always turn it back on when needed. Doing this goes a long way in conserving water.

2) Use Full Loads in the Washer

Use your washing machine when you have a full load. Avoid setting cycles for smaller loads. Rather, you can try hand-washing garments when there are lesser garments. While hand-washing, we recommend a detergent like Rin Detergent Bar as it is easily available and does the laundry job in half the water.

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3) Fix a Leaky Tap

A leaky tap can waste large amounts of water. A small leak can have a significant impact on our environment. So, always fix a leaky faucet to conserve water. 

4) Take a Shorter Shower

While this one may be a little difficult for some, it can make quite a difference. While showering, a significant amount of water is wasted. Shut the water supply when not in use and opt for a shorter shower. Using an aerated showerhead also helps minimise the wastage of water.

5) Wash Fruits and Vegetables Wisely

Letting the water flow through the faucet endlessly while washing fruits and vegetables can waste up a lot of water. Rather, you can wash them using hot water. Simply fill hot water in a large bowl and drop your fruits or vegetables in it. Allow them to stay in there for 10 minutes. Keep cleaning them while they are in hot water. It will help clean away all the dirt thoroughly. You can repeat the step to ensure thorough cleaning.

6) Use Up Leftover Ice Cubes

If you want to use up ice cubes in a wise way, you can put them in a plant which needs watering. Simply drop them in your plant pot and there you go!

Follow these simple tips, and you can make a big difference.

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