Effective Tips to Save Water In Your Home

Saving water at home does not have to be difficult! Read on for five smart tips to save water which in turn help reduce electricity bills.


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Water is all around us, still it is a scarce resource on the planet. Using it in the best optimal way is in each one of our hands, so the coming generations can live well. Saving water is the need of the hour. You can use water wisely and save it in many ways. If you are wondering how to save water at home, you are in the right place.

Here are some tips to help you cut on water you waste and save it in best possible way.

1) Turn Off the Tap

Turn off the tap when you do not need it. For example, while brushing teeth, washing dishes. Turn it on only when needed. Wash your vegetables in a bowl full of water rather than keeping the tap water running. This will help you save gallons of water.

2) Wash Your Laundry Wisely

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You can also save water while doing laundry. Put your load into the machine only when it is full. Avoid using washing machine just for 2 or 3 garments.

Moreover, if you prefer washing your garments in a washing machine, using a liquid laundry detergent helps do the work efficiently as liquid detergent washes away easily than detergent powder in the machine.

While hand-washing your clothes, keep a bucket of water to rinse, rather than keeping the tap water flowing. You can also try Rin Detergent Bar for this, it is easily available and does the laundry job in half the water.

3) Recycle Used Water

Recycling used water is another best way of saving water. The water you used for washing clothes can be recycled in many ways. You can use it to water your plants or wash your kid’s bicycles.

4) Fix the leaks

Check your toilet, bathroom and kitchen for leaks and fix them immediately. This could save a huge amount of water.

5) Teach Your Kids the Value of Water

Teach your kids the value and importance of saving water. They learn through your acts. Encourage them to save water too.

These were few of the best ways to save water at home. Share these with your friends and family to spread the awareness.

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