Check out how you can power your home with environment friendly renewable energy!

Renewable energy is the need of the hour. With escalating threats of pollution and expensive power, switching to renewable energy is the least we can do.


Ways to Power your Home with Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy | Get Set Clean
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Generating power from renewable energy sources not only cuts down on the electricity bills but is also a matter of pride. For starters, you can begin with reading our article and knowing how you can power your home with green energy.

Start using your cycle for shorter distances. This helps reduce pollution and also counts as workout.

Rooftop solar panels

This is the most common method to generate energy. Solar panels can be installed on the roof or in your garden, wherever sunlight is in abundance. With another grid of electricity, it can save up energy when the sun is down.

Wind turbines

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Depending on where you live, they can be installed around your house. They provide a great deal of energy mostly in windy places.


Biomass is one of the latest innovations in eco-friendly fuel options. It is made from organic waste, such as leftover veggies, agricultural waste, manure, etc. It lowers your heating cost while producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

And there are many more.

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