Wondering If Your Appliance Is Energy Efficient? Here’s What to Look For

Here’s an eco-friendly lifestyle tip that can help you save some money: Purchase energy-efficient home appliances. The pointers given below will guide you in making a smart choice.


Tips for Buying Energy-Efficient Appliances | Get Set Clean
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We can make a big difference to the planet with small eco-friendly changes in our lifestyle. One of the simplest ways to help with energy conservation is to opt for energy-efficient appliances like a microwave, refrigerator, washing machine and so on. This is not only good for the planet but also helps you reduce your bills. So, while the energy-efficient appliance might seem like an expensive purchase, you’ll end up saving a lot more in the long run.

Use the tips given below to buy the best energy-efficient appliance.

1) Energy Rating

The higher the rating, the higher is the efficiency of the appliance. So, always check for the number of stars on the label before making your buying decision.

2) Size of Appliance

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Check the size of the appliance to determine if it can meet your needs. A smaller unit appliance made to work for more than its capacity will end up consuming higher energy. For e.g., You purchase a washing machine with 8-litre capacity. However, you use it to wash your family’s laundry load that exceeds 8 litres daily. Result: The washing machine’s performance will be severely hampered, and it will also consume more energy. Also, if you do buy a washing machine, we recommend Surf Excel Matic Liquid to wash your clothes. This detergent is specially formulated for washing machines.

3) Read the Energy Guide

The energy guide states the average energy consumed by an appliance and also helps you compare the annual energy consumption or efficiency of competitive brands. Remember, an informed choice is a smart choice.

4) Standby Mode

Make sure that you are not using up electricity unnecessarily. Switch off the main power button when not in use. You can also install an intelligent power button that will cut off electricity to all appliances plugged into it with a single click.

One of the important steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle is choosing energy-efficient appliances for your home. Now, you know how to determine an appliance’s energy efficiency level. So, the next time you are buying an appliance, make a smart choice.

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