Systematic method to making your shopping list!

Preparing checklists is the cornerstone of being organised. Shopping for groceries is probably one of the most troubling parts of adulting.


How to Make a Shopping List | Ways to Reduce Waste | Get Set Clean
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Buying grocery can put you under pressure if you aren’t prepared for it. This unpreparedness can also result in losses. Follow these simple techniques to shop systematically and avoid wastage.

Don’t prepare the list on paper instead use your phone. This way, you won’t lose the list.

Check first

Open your refrigerator and storage boxes, and take note of everything. This will help you build a list of your requirements.


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Basics, such as eggs, milk, bread and some veggies are a must-buy for every shopping trip. However, make sure that you don’t buy extra.

Stay focused

While shopping, stick to your list. Avoid buying items impulsively.


After your shopping trip, arrange your fridge in an order such that you use up the old stuff before the fresh buy.

Ain’t this easy?

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