DIY Recipe to Make Eco-Friendly Compost for Your Garden

Are you an avid gardener looking for simple eco-friendly tips to make your garden thrive? Here’s how you can make nutrient-rich organic compost at home by recycling your kitchen waste.


DIY Recipe to Make Eco-Friendly Compost for Your Garden
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Composting is the process of turning decayed organic matter into a soil-like substance to grow plants. It’s eco-friendly, easy to make and most importantly, plants love it. Any organic matter like fruits, vegetables, leaves, grass, crushed eggshells, used tea bags, paper, non-printed cardboards etc. can be composted.

To begin, choose a convenient location to make compost. Opt for a location that is flat and sunny, like a terrace. Next, you need to get yourself either a composting bin, a regular dustbin or a bucket.

Now follow this step-by-step process to make compost.

Step 1: Gather the Essentials

Take two containers, one for brown items and another for green. Brown items will include fallen leaves, shredded tree branches, torn paper and non-printed cardboard. In the other container, you can put edible items like fruit peels, raw leftover vegetables, green leaves and wasted cooked food (a small amount). Keep both containers closed.

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Step 2: Add to the Bin

Start adding dry and wet waste in layers. After each layer of wet waste, add two layers of dry waste. Sprinkle some water at every level to add moisture. This helps in breaking down the organic matter.

Step 3: Mix the Contents

Keep adding brown and green waste to your composting bin until the bin is full. Use a rake to mix and turn the compost every week to prevent unpleasant odour. It takes at least three to four months for the waste to break down completely.

Step 4: Wait Until It Turns Brown

Once the compost turns brown, dry and grainy, it’s ready to be used. Avoid adding dairy products, diseased plants and bones to your compost, as these could be harmful.

That’s it! Your organic, eco-friendly compost is ready to be used in your garden. Use this compost and reap the benefits by growing healthy, organic plants, fruits and vegetables for your family. Get started today!

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