It is not a good idea to waste food. So, the next time there is excess food, pull this list up and do some good.

  • Distribute Split the food with everyone possible. Even with those you don’t like, it could turn out to be a way of fixing things.
  • Reuse Most leftover food can be reused into a stir-fry, casserole or in a soup or broth. Also, any vegetable preparation can used as Paratha stuffing for the next day.
  • Store Freeze the leftovers but make sure to consume it within 3 days.
  • Create Awaken your inner masterchef and create unique gourmet dishes. Add new spices to refresh the flavour.
  • Donate Lastly, give away edible leftovers to the ones who are in need or to those who would appreciate a homecooked meal. Knock on college dorm doors; they will be more than happy to eat good homemade food.