Are your plants dying even though you water them every day? Read on to know the best gardening practices for maximum results!

Your home garden is your little place of sanctity. You put in a lot of effort to keep it healthy and growing. But, you notice that your plants are still withering and turning pale.


The Best Gardening Practices | Ways to Keep Garden Healthy | Get Set Clean
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Nurture your nursery appropriately for a lush and vibrant garden where you can relax and unwind. Here are a few gardening practices to keep in handy.

Feed only organic materials to the plant. Remember to water them regularly.

1) Use compost

Composting is the way to keep the soil quality high. You can buy compost online or can make it by yourself.

2) pH level

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The pH level of the soil needs to be neutral. This means that there should be no chemical additives in the soil.

3) Trimming

It is important to trim dead and pale leaves. This makes room for new buds to grow.

4) More light

Sunlight is fundamental for the growth of plants. Make sure they have the undivided attention of the sun.

5) Area

Plants should have their own territory, like a pot. If planted in the ground, there should be at least a square foot dedicated to a plant.

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