Are you always leaving the lights and fans on? Follow these simple steps to develop a green habit.

We are all in need of some good practices, which will add up and help us save resources significantly.


Easy Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living | Get Set Clean
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To develop green habits, you need constant motivation to behave in environment-friendly and sustainable ways. Here are some green habits to keep you motivated.

  • Use reusable shopping bags which are made out of cotton or jute. These are sturdy, lightweight bags. Stock them up in your car or purse, so you don’t have to buy unnecessary plastic bags.

  • Take quick showers instead of filling up a bathtub. Also, turn off the shower while applying soap or shampoo. Turn off the taps while brushing teeth or shaving.

  • Wash a week’s laundry together instead of running frequent cycles. This will help conserve water as well as electricity.

  • Set your AC around 24 degrees Celsius during summers instead of lower temperatures.

  • Make a note around your key stand saying “switch off the lights” for a reminder.

  • Use less paper. Carry a napkin or kerchief to avoid using tissues unnecessarily.

  • Dispose of your garbage properly in a bin and not in the toilet.

Pro-tipThink before you throw away anything. You can always reuse items creatively.

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