Save the Green

We are living on this planet as if we have a spare one. As harsh as it may sound, it is the truth.


10 Future Possibilities If We Don’t Save the Green | Get Set Clean
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Human because of their lifestyle and harmful practices have caused immense damage to the planet. If we continue this way, we may end up in one of the following futures soon.

  1. With the amount of plastic we are disposing of, we will have to live on plastic islands. The marine life would be devastated or caged for preservation.

  2. Deforestation can lead to acid rains which means resorting to expensive water filtering treatments for drinking water.

  3. If air pollution is left unchecked, skies will be foggier which will make oxygen harder to even breathe.

  4. Sun will be blocked by the over-polluted skies leading to no crop cultivation.

  5. Food pyramids will topple in all ecosystems. This will affect humans adversely.

  6. Pollution can also cause mutation within animals and humans.

  7. The temperature will increase manifold which will shrink all the ice caps. It will also make habitation for humans difficult without any air conditioning.

  8. Excess digging for oil and various other reasons will make the soil barren and unfit for cultivation.

  9. Cutting down on the green will also result in unregulated seasons.

  10. Rapid development in technology, industrialization and the ever-growing population will wipe out wildlife, dry out rivers and strip earth off, of all of its natural resources.

Grow trees. Period.

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