10 eco-friendly alternatives for plastic today! Also, here are a few reasons why you should give up the monster material.

The news regarding climate change is everywhere because of the ecological damage caused by plastics.


10 Eco-friendly Alternatives for Plastic | Get Set Clean

Plastic waste cannot be disposed easily as burning it is an alternative most people follow. The burning releases heavy amount of toxic gases which needs to stop. Here are 10 alternatives to plastic you can use to minimise plastic waste.

Cut short your plastic usage as much as possible.

1) Cloth bags - Plastic bags are a big NO!

2) Glass bottles for water - If you need bottles for juice or other beverages, pick up glass variations for style and sustainability

3) Soaps - To lower the excessive chemical frothing

4) Steel or glass containers for pantry - They are sustainable

5) Disposable wooden cutlery - Reuse instead of throwing it away

6) Steel straws - They look classy and can be reused

7) Wooden hangers - A much better option compared to the plastic ones

8) Rechargeable batteries - The regular batteries have heavy chemicals which make them hard to dispose

9) Silicone ice trays - Isn’t it cool to have flexible ice trays?

10) Compostable garbage bag - Ditch plastic bags in favor of the compostable alternative

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