Did your dog ruin your garden? Here are some smart tips and tricks to revive a dying plant

Your dog might just have run over your favourite sapling. Don’t panic! There is still hope.


How to Save your Dying Houseplant | Get Set Clean
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To help you figure out what your plant needs and how to revive a plant, we’ve prepared tips that will be helpful

Adding fertilizer can also boost the performance of a struggling plant.

1) Give your plant a new home

Pick a pot that is considerably wider than the old one. Place your plant in a different place away from any kind of disturbance. A quick trim of the foliage will give the plant a fighting chance because the root system will not have to support a large amount of foliage.

2) Add some additional nutrients

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Add high-quality soil to the new pot. This will provide the required nutrients to the dying plant.

3) Evaluate the plant’s environment

Select a shadier spot and trim the dead and badly damaged leaves. Water the soil well and increase the surrounding humidity by rigging up a tray with water and gravel for the pot to sit on. Also, ensure it gets adequate sunlight.

4) Keep the plants away from pesticides

Stop pest invasion by wiping down the leaves of your plants with a damp cloth or mild dish soap solution from time to time. This removes pests as well as dirt.

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