Barbecue cleaning tips: How to clean a BBQ

Get the grill ready with our easy-to-follow plan for BBQ cleaning to bring yours back to its best.


Tips On How To Clean A Barbecue
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Key steps

Use our key steps for effective barbecue cleaning:

  1. Clean the barbecue while it’s still warm – heat makes the process a lot easier.

  2. Scrape off excess before cleaning.

  3. Always test any new cleaning solution on a small area first.

  4. Rinse and wipe away strong cleaners thoroughly.

Regular BBQ cleaning will make the job much easier in the long run. Do it as quickly after cooking as you can, using a quality product like Domex, and the heat will really help.

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There’s nothing quite as great as enjoying some grilled food with friends and family at a barbecue. Cleaning, however, is not always so! No need to worry, though – once you’ve got the right cleaner and some top BBQ cleaning tips you’ll be able to get your outdoor grill ready for the next tasty occasion.

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

How to clean a barbecue

Giving your BBQ a good clean straight after you cook is always going to be easier than when it’s burnt on. But you’ll have to deep clean it regularly too.

When it comes to BBQ cleaning, there are three main areas that require attention – the grill, the interior and the exterior. Each part is equally important, so we’ll take you through a step-by-step process to clean each one:

The grill

  • Using heat is one of the best ways to get your BBQ grill clean, so start off with the lid on and get it as hot as you can.

  • Leave for around 15 minutes – the heat will burn the residue, essentially baking it off.

  • Let it cool and then scrub with a stiff brush.

  • Remove the grill and scrub with hot soapy water or a barbecue grill cleaner to remove whatever debris is left. If the grime is particularly stubborn, you can leave the grill soaking for a couple of hours before cleaning with soap or a BBQ grill cleaner again.

  • A powerful cleaner like Domex is ideal for sterilising your barbecue grill and cooking utensils.

Inside your barbecue

  • Steaming is a really good method of BBQ cleaning.

  • Wet some newspaper and place it at the base, then pop the lid on.

  • The heat will create plenty of steam, which will get to work loosening the grime.

  • Let the steam do its job for around 30 minutes before getting to work.

  • Shake and scrape out the debris at the base of your barbecue.

  • Take your BBQ cleaning solution and thoroughly clean all of the surfaces – test on a small area whenever you’re using something for the first time.

The outside of your barbecue

  • Wipe down the exterior of your barbecue with a quality cleaner – Domex is a powerful option.

  • Use a soft cloth and work downwards, making sure you rinse off any cleaning solution.

  • Don’t forget the base and legs, if your barbecue has them.

Use our barbecue cleaning tips to keep yours in great condition. Not only will that ensure it remains hygienic, but it will also keep it cooking at its best too!

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